Porto Morto are Croatian crew from Zagreb. Pretty good and also eclectic.

Poster was made for appointMENT visual project in individual prints in a total of 22 copies. You can read about more here:

''This year's edition is again introducing something new to the project. The prints are now square in shape, sized 31.43 x 31.43 cm, thus representing a reference to LP albums for the music poster as a medium, as well as challenging and questioning the poster format itself. The authors of the posters are young artists from various artistic backgrounds – from painting, drawing, illustration and photography to graphic design, 3D modelling and graffiti art. The selection of participants has also been expanded, with the majority of Slovenian artists joined by the young contemporary European artistic production, with 71 collaborators in total. At the same time, the diversity of the final music art print products indicates the variety of the musical lineup of this year's MENT Ljubljana festival.

The idea for the appointMENT project took shape in 2016 in the desire to expand the festival's visual scope by engaging as many young local artists as possible. Each of the 50 invited artists was assigned one of the festival performers, whose music served as a source of inspiration for the artist. The result of the collaboration was a limited edition series of 50 unique music art posters, which were the product of a special blind date between the musician and the artist. Last year's second edition advanced the project through a new technique – the 69 artists utilised Risograph printing. The Risograph is an economical, environmentally friendly printer of Japanese origin, whose printing process, similar to screen printing, allows for unique colour overlays and therefore distinctive prints. With each new edition we thus strive to broaden the understanding and potential of the music poster while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of overlaps and collaboration between different artistic fields.

Organized and written by:

DobraVaga | MENT Ljubljana
Dora Trček | appointMENT curator |