High5 are Croatian crew from Zagreb. They associate with 33 banda and mostly dabble in rap and trap rap. This is second poster I did in connection with them, not that they asked, but it kinda just happened.

Since I actually listen to their music, I also know their mindset ... and if anything is true; they are constantly high on something and sure like their sneakers. So here it is - a selection of five high top sneakers.

Poster was made for appointMENT visual project in individual riso prints in a total of 20 copies. You can read about more here:

''The fourth edition of the MENT Ljubljana festival brings the continuation of the appointMENT visual project. The exhibition first took place last year, resulting in a limited edition series of unique music art posters created by 50 young Slovenian artists. Each of the authors was assigned one of the music acts performing at the festival, with the act's music serving as the main source of inspiration – the title appointMENT itself also referring to a blind date between the artist and the musician. 

This year, the second edition advances the project with a new technique – namely, the 69 artists utilised risograph printing. The risograph is an economical, environmentally friendly printer of Japanese origin, whose printing process, similar to screen printing, allows for unique colour overlays and therefore distinctive prints. The printing process was overseen by Riso Paradiso, a Slovenian collective of riso print fans that has the only risograph in Slovenia.''

Organized and written by:

DobraVaga | MENT Ljubljana
Dora Trček | appointMENT curator
www.dobravaga.si | www.ment.si