I have this friend (Domen Finžgar), we met a decade ago. We both knew we are into comics, but he got into studying trees and forest and I did my shit at the Academy. Most importantly he had a side hustle; he was working for this Slovenian independent comic book publisher; Stripburger. He drew his own stuff and was also a resident talent scout.

Anyway as time went on and my schoolmate from Academy didn’t understand the concept of the story our friend gave him … dude remembered me and hit me up.

In November, 2016 he finally decided to start said comic with most bizarre story. Since he was in
serious rush of finishing the book ‘til December 2016 - ‘‘SOMEBODY NEEDS TO INK THIS THING BALO I NEED IT FAST CAN YOU DO IT, PLZ HELP! TNX!’’ - I said OK and inked the whole damned thing (when he finished drawing it in 2018), and since I also had some creative freedom with it, he put my name on the cover of the comic book. Good thing ‘‘bizarre shit’’ is one of my middle names and I had time to wait on all the pages.

And on the more serious note;

Finžgarjev Spajdermen a.k.a. Finžgarjev Spiderman a.k.a. Finžgarjev Spieder Mann (yes, it has three names) is a Comic Book of bizzare nature, but mostly with Domen’s fascination with doo-bop music and some tripped out dreams he had in his sleep. The whole thing was born out of some letter he found in this old comic book he bought in some old book store. Shit is too complicated to understand and has this parallels coming from all the sides. It makes a very interesting read and is good-looking, nevertheless!

I recommend you learn Slovenian and read the thing or just wait for us to translate it to English, so it will make ‘‘even more’’ sense.

You can find the link to the store here. For other; scroll down.