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AWLNIGHT is a beatmaker and DJ from Belarus, a country with no sea. He likes to travel and make retro-fututristic music, it's interesting, you should check some out.

Poster was made for appointMENT visual project in individual digital prints in a total of 50 copies. You can read about more here:

''The third edition of the MENT Ljubljana_______FESTIVAL 2017 is introducing a new project connecting the European music scene with fresh contemporary artistic production – the #APPOINTMENT visual cycle and exhibition of 50 limited edition music posters, inspired by the 60 performers at this year’s festival. The posters were designed by the younger generation of diverse, mostly Slovenian artists in the fields of illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting and graffiti art. The exhibition project is one of the few in the Slovenian space that simultaneously engaged so many young contemporary artists with such different artistic languages and from such varied areas of artistic production.

The limited edition music posters are the product of a sort of 'blind date' between the performer and the artist. Each of the artists was assigned a band or musician, whose music then served as the main source of inspiration. The artists tackled the posters with various techniques, from illustration to collages and 3D modelling, resulting in a series of posters, varied at least as much as the line-up of performers at the third edition of the festival is diverse.''

Organized and written by:

DobraVaga | MENT Ljubljana
Dora Trček | appointMENT curator
Piera Ravnikar | visual departMENT |