Services: GRaphic design, VISUAL IDENTITY, FAN

Is it a dance crew? Is it a Circus? Is it a play? Do they juggle? Is it Hip-Hop? Do they pop and lock? Do they tambourine? Are there emotions? Is there a ridiculous amount of flowers like roses? OH YES!

Beat Rockerz, a crew or let’s say a circus-like-band has a magical ability to tell emotional stories through movement and music. And there so much more to see, with all the details; costumes made by local seamstress, music by local musicians, design by yours truly and people that mix everything in with so much passion. And every detail was carefully selected and conducted by Ada, a true mastermind behind it all.

With this peculiar wish in mind, I had a big and tough task ahead of me. It was quite a journey, but in the end some whimsical thing happened and here we are, roses and all, with TWO designs to show and happy people all around.

Since ONI was such a hit, Beat Rockerz decided only crew logo was not enough, even their coming out play deserved a logo. You can catch a glimpse of it deep down below.

Please visit ONI on their website and see when the next play is happening. It truly is something!